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Natural Solutions

For a healthy and empowered life.

Are you looking for safe, effective and economical health solutions?

Modern Method

  • Designed to treat symptoms

  • Products made with isolated synthetic agents.

  • Side effects (known and unknown).

  • $6.5 trillion a year is spent globally on health services.

Are We Healthier?


Natural Method

  • It attends to the needs of the body and the main causes.

  • Extracted from plants.

  • Improves well-being.

  • It is safe: benefits without side effects.

Why use essential oils?

Contains natural compounds that are extracted and distilled from plants for various benefits.

They work with the body to address problems and root causes at the cellular level.

Made up of hundreds of different compounds, they use complex and versatile abilities to combat threats without building resistance.

They are cheap:

pennies per dose!

How to use dōterra essential oils?

Aromatic use

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.52.52 PM.png
  • It is a simple and comfortable application method that requires very little experience with essential oils.

  • It can help purify the air.

  • Transforms the environment, to a relaxing, uplifting, stabilizing, renewing or energizing one.

  • Supports the management of emotions and mood.

Inhale them or use a diffuser to open up the airways and freshen the air.

Topical Use

Apply to soles of feet or affected areas to address specific needs.
  • Promotes calming effects on the skin.

  • It can help regulate body temperature, providing cooling or energizing effects.

  • They can be used on specific areas of the body to achieve the desired effect.

  • It provides aromatic benefits as the essential oil is absorbed into the skin.

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.55.32 PM.png

Internal use

Screen Shot 2022-12-04 at 2.58.19 PM.png
​Put them in water, under the tongue or in a vegetable capsule to ingest.
  • It can help in the Gastrointestinal function*.

  • Helps the immune system *.

  • Provides support in proper cellular function*.

  • Internal cleaning benefits.

  • Add flavor to food and drinks.


Where to use essential oils?

In the kitchen

Using essential oils in cooking offers a smart, low-cost solution as essential oils are so potent that you only need a small amount (one drop or less) to add intense flavor to any snack, meal, or event. beverage.


Because essential oils are so powerful and contain purifying properties, they can be useful for cleaning around the house, as they are not only effective, but also provide a natural alternative to products that contain potentially dangerous chemicals.


Essential oils can aid the digestive process, immune system function, support against threats seasonal or sudden changes in weather, provide antioxidant support, and more. Each of the oils has its own set of benefits, however a wide variety of them can be used to promote wellness and vitality.

Untitled design-6.png

MetaPWR Metabolic Blend features proprietary balanced ratios of CPTG® Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils. Preclinical research on MetaPWR essential oil blend suggests that it may limit the development of new fat cells and the growth of existing fat cells when taken internally.*


dōTERRA® offers a wide variety of essential oils and blends. These safe and effective natural solutions help promote a relaxing environment, with which you can meet your needs for a proper night sleep.

Hygiene and personal use

Essential oils provide a safe, non-toxic way to protect the body. Not only are they natural and powerful, but they also possess cleansing properties that are useful for personal hygiene.


The versatility of essential oils will allow you to adapt their ways of use and application to make your personal routine easier. Whether you like to lift weights, run long distances, or ride your bike, there is an essential oil that can help you achieve your goals.

Essential oils can bring benefits to the emotional state; and they can be combined with activities such as massage, meditation, exercise, or even with other popular practices such as aromatherapy.

You can personalize your experience with essential oils and deal with your emotions in a more appropriate way.

Managing emotions

Are you ready to be healthy with daily habits? 

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